Information Management: The Intro

Assalamulaikum W.B.T.

Welcome to all the readers. I created this blog as a site for the Information Management’s students to know each other and also to become one of the information resouces for personal purpose. Well, in this post I would like to told briefly about the history of Faculty of Information Management in UiTM Shah Alam:

The Faculty of Information Management has been recognized as a pioneer in Malaysia in providing education and research spanning the fields of Information, Library, and Records Management since its inception in 1968. During its formative years, the Department of Library Science conducted a full time programme to prepare post-high school student s for the professional qualification – Associate of the Library Science and embarked on designing its own Malaysian curriculum, launched in 1972 – Diploma in Library Science for holders of Higher School Certificates, and Postgraduate Diploma in Library Science for university graduates.

In keeping up with national and international developments, the School has been conducting regular curriculum reviews resulting in cooperation of information science components into the curriculum. Hence the change of the school’s name to “School of Library and Information Science” in 1979.

With the addition of Archival and Records Management under the big umbrella of”Information”, the school’s name was changed again to “Faculty of Information Studies” in 1997. The current name, “Faculty of Information Management” has been in use since 2005 as a result of UiTM’s regrouping of various academic programmes and disciplines campus-wide.

Orait folks. That was a few introduction of the faculty. Hopefully it can give you some information about this course dan faculty. Thanks.



2 comments on “Information Management: The Intro

  1. Assalamualaikum.

    To all Librarians/Library Managers/Information Professionals,

    This in an invitation for World Congress of Muslim Librarians and Information Scientists 2008 (wCOMLIS2008). Please find the Congress details in this web site or contact Pn. Hasmida Saleh (06-798 8313).

    Thank you. Wassalam.

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